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I bring you tidings of no joy…

As you may have learned by now, a major logistical calamity has befallen the Outer Banks, and our Ocracoke by extension. Just a few days after we learned that the Oregon Inlet (Bonner) bridge to Hatteras Island was in good shape. it was announced that on second look sufficient sand had been “scoured” from the piling bases as to make the bridge unsafe.

The result- the bridge is closed indefinitely for safety’s sake. Can’t argue with safety, but Ouch! Repairs will begin as soon as possible, and we hope the environmental adversaries are, for a change, silent.

Access to Ocracoke, and The Cove, is thus by mainland Pamlico Sound ferries from Swan Quarter, Cedar Island and the emergency route from Stumpy Point to Rodanthe. Schedules, crossing times and reservations can be seen or arranged at http://www.ncferry.org. Pruvate planes are welcome at Ocracoke International Airstrip (W-95), and there are ample docks for those coming by private boat. We’ll gladly pick you up at either- let us know.

Of course, we’ll be pleased to help in any way we can- just call or email.

Merry Christmas to all!

Epilog- 1600 hrs  15 Dec:   The Bridge, the Bonner Bridge, is open for business. Lots of repairs have been completed, and more are to come, but the bridge is safe for unrestricted travel. Read all about it in www.islandfreepress.org and www.ocracokecurrent.com. Thank you, Santa.

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