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Our little beach…

Beginning 1 October The President widely suspended funding for “non-essential” functions- including the Park Service. We’re sorry and are objecting thru channels.  While driving on the Ocracoke beach, even those otherwise open, is forbidden,  we are advised that walking on the beach seem to be overlooked- if one behaves.  See www.ocracokecurrent.com , article “The Myths and Realities of the Government Shutdown” for details.

In addition, don’t forget about “our little beach” at Springer’s Point, just down the road from The Cove and about a 15 minute walk thru  the maritime preserve.  I was just there, and it’s delightful. Perhaps 100 yards of beach maybe 20 yards wide, white sand, calm and shallow water (sorry- no surf today). Perfect for splashing, sunning, snoozing, a picnic, or just being.

A good respite til the dust in Washington settles..

Epilog:   On 17 October, in response to last evening’s Congressional antics, the Park Service began restoring aceess to our beaches to the status quo ante.  Driving, fishing and funning are back.


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